Contact Lens Specialty Clinic

In the Contact Lens Specialty Clinic, we offer a variety of contact lenses to solve your eye care and visual needs. We look forward to the challenging cases where fitting a contact lens is difficult. We have a wide variety of contact lenses to fit every eye. The testing is done in a methodical and scientific way to ensure a perfect fit and complete comfortability for the patient.

All types of errors like Myopia (Near Sightedness), Hypermetropia (Far Sightedness), Astigmatism and for corneal conditions like Keratoconus and post Lasik Keratectasia. Only trained and highly experienced staff does the testing and fitting of lenses, be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly lenses.

Meticulous examination that will be done before contact lens prescription will be:

  • Thorough Slit Lamp Examination for external diseases
  • Corneal Topography for corneal curvature and steepness
  • Corneal Diameter measurement
  • Corneal staining for corneal dryness and lens contact
  • Specular microscopy to check the health of cornea
  • Tear Break up time
  • Corneal sensitivity
  • Contact Lens fit assessment