Our team

We believe that the reputation of a world class medical center is based on its team of specialists. Whether it be our Ophthalmologists or Optometrists, our nurses or administrators, every single member in our team are specialists in their own individual ways.

Being a part of the Yateem Eye Center, requires a passion towards excellence that is an integral part of our brand name.

Allied Healthcare Professionals

  • Ophthalmic Nurses/Nurses

    We have a team of highly experienced nurses who are specifically trained in the ophthalmic sector. They will be your first point of contact in the OPD and will ensure that you receive the best possible service while you are in our center.
    The first stage of your eye examination begins with our specialty nurses, who will undertake the preliminary checkups and will guide you throughout your treatment in our center
  • Optometrists

    Our Optometrists will undertake the preliminary ophthalmic evaluation, vision check, refraction and general examination. They will also undertake any specialty diagnostics that might be required on a case to case basis. They will also provide vision therapy and exercises to patients suffering from binocular vision disorders.
  • Infection Control Practioner

    We have a dedicated infection control specialist who ensures that the entire facility maintains world class sterility standards. The specialist also constantly implements preventive measures, education programs and ensures that all the Health & Safety norms of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) are followed. Having a dedicated specialist for this ensures that our patients experience the most hygienic and sterile environment during their visit.
  • CSSD Technicians

    Our CSSD technicians ensure that all of the equipment’s, the operation theater and the environment are sterile prior to any surgeries. Our center has the best equipment as well as trained professionals to ensure quality and safety are never compromised.
  • Biomedical Engineer

    A dedicated Biomedical engineer is available on site to ensure all our equipment are in perfect calibration. The engineer also provides us regular updates on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools to ensure we have a world class facility.