There are various complications that can occur in the cornea, which requires delicate treatment modality. Our center specializes in providing world class treatment options for the various corneal disorders, common in the region.

Cornea Clinic:

  The Cornea is one of the core components of the eye that helps in focusing light rays into the retina. It is like the lens in a camera that is responsible for the clarity of the image. There are various conditions which can affect the cornea, which in turn leads to decrease in clarity of the vision. If left unchecked, most corneal conditions can deteriorate and lead to severe vision loss. However, with the right diagnosis and treatment, corneal disorders can be treated effectively.   Common cornea conditions include:
  • Corneal abrasion—an injury to the eye that scrapes the corneal surface and causes a loss of superficial tissue.
  • Dry eye—corneal dryness caused by deficient tear production. This condition often produces a foreign body sensation, or burning feeling.
  • Keratoconus—a degenerative corneal disease characterized by thinning and cone-shaping of the central cornea. This disease affects vision and is hereditary.
  • Fuchs’ dystrophy—a progressive corneal disorder characterized by cloudy, waterlogged cornea, blisters and reduced vision.
Besides these common conditions, there are many rare disorders that specifically affect the cornea. Our center specializes in identifying these disorders accurately and providing the best treatment modality.   The Cornea Clinic in Yateem Eye Center is one of the most extensive facilities in the region. It houses the latest and most advanced diagnostic tools. Diseases of the anterior section of the eye and cornea and infectious eye diseases are the focus of the cornea and external disease service, along with general ophthalmic care and screening for eye complications of systemic diseases and contact lens wear. Adult and pediatric evaluation and consultation are facilitated by advanced diagnostic options and treatment modalities. They include corneal transplant ion, anterior segment reconstruction, intraocular lens implantation, cataract extraction, and excimer laser phototherapeutic procedures.