LASIK & Advanced Vision Correction

Refractive Surgery Center

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and not having to look for your glasses to see better. Imagine being able to play sports that you could not, being able to swim without goggles, and being able to enjoy the rain drops falling on your face. Imagine being able to wear those stylish sunglasses that you always wanted rather than being stuck with those boring spectacles. You can start looking your starry best. Get rid of those glasses and contact lenses through a simple and painless procedure, LASIK. The decision to do so may not be very simple which is why we have gathered a highly experienced and specialized team who will make you feel at home and provide all the relevant information that you may need about the procedure. Our team of Eye care professionals and LASIK specialist will ensure that you are a right candidate for LASIK and will guide you all along the process. At Yateem Eye Center, we combine laser and surgical vision correction procedures based on premier clinical and research resources to provide you the most customized solutions in treating your vision.

Using Zyoptix HD, the 
Technolas Excimer Laser Workstation and the advanced Femtosecond Laser System (VICTUS), our team helps patients with typical prescriptions to see 20/20 or better without glasses after laser vision correction surgery. The server connected diagnostic and laser machines having specially designed software maximizes the quality of treatment and minimizes the errors.

Yateem Eye Center’s Refractive Solutions Clinic Offers:

  • The most advanced diagnostics including Zywave Wavefront Sensor Technology to analyze all of your eyes’ optical errors in ways never before possible. Wavefront Sensor Technology is the Clinic’s unique strength.
  • The best treatments available by one of the most highly experienced surgeons in the world. Dr. Yogesh Kapoor has over 23 years of experience and has performed over 10,000 refractive surgical procedures. He has trained hundreds of surgeons on how to perform laser vision correction. Leading doctors from around the world visited him in India to learn advanced techniques.
  • One of the premier laser vision correction facilities featuring the Victus Femtosecond Laser system by 20/20 Perfect Vision, Technolas Teneo Excimer Laser, Technolas Bausch & Lomb Workstation system with Orbscan 3 Corneal Analyzer providing 23000 points of recognition, Zywave3 Wavefront Analyzer with 9 times the number of data points and a HD camera, Ultrasonic Pachymeter, Anterior OCT, digital pupillometer, and an expertly trained technical and patient education staff.
  • The newest in vision correction surgery for highly nearsighted patients—the Visian ICL by STAAR- Phakic Intraocular Lens Implant. This implantable lens can be used to treat extremely high degrees of myopia that are beyond the range of traditional laser vision correction. Dr. Yogesh Kapoor has performed more than hundred surgical implantations for Myopia ranging from 6D to 25D.
  • A new option for Presbyopic (Reading Glasses) patients —The KAMRA® corneal inlay is now available for those who may not be good candidates for the existing Excimer laser treatment for Presbyopia from 20/20 Perfect Vision called SUPRACOR®.

Interested in LASIK? Consider the following:

More than any other factor, it is the experience of the Doctor, the technology/equipment used and the quality of service. The choice may be one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. You have virgin eyes and all that you are looking for is an unaided best vision. With your best interest in mind, we have provided a short checklist of things to look for in a clinic where you wish to undertake the procedure.
  • A trained corneal specialist with years of experience performing refractive surgery. Look for a surgeon who lectures in conferences, teaches other surgeons and who is called upon to see other surgeon’s complex cases.
  • Doctors who will give you honest opinions and recommend the safest treatment options for you and your individual needs. Along with asking how many surgeries your doctor has performed, ask how many potential patients are turned away.
  • A practice dedicated to both the advancement of refractive surgery and your personal well- being. Your doctors should not hesitate to say “NO” if refractive surgery is not safe for you.
  • Doctors who will be available when you need them, where you need them, regardless of the day of the week, or time of day.
  • A highly trained and experienced team that is dedicated to working with your surgeon to help provide your care from start to finish.
  • A complete evaluation of your ocular health from the front of the eye to the back, looking for any pre-existing conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma or cataracts that could possibly make treatment inadvisable.
  • A complete and thorough eye exam and general health history, including a discussion of your personal visual needs and desires.
  • A complete analysis of your cornea, including corneal mapping with 23000 data points by Orbscan 3. The cornea is analyzed in the minutest detail to look for any abnormalities.
  • Confirmation of measurements of the thickness of your cornea using an instrument known as an ultrasonic pachymeter to determine if you have enough corneal tissue to be safely treated.
  • The new generation excimer laser technology, such as the Technolas Teneo 500 HZ Laser, that uses eye tracking technology to adjust for subtle eye movements during treatment. More accurate alignment of the treatment results in better vision. The laser should be calibrated prior to every patient treatment.
  • Femtosecond laser technology such as the Technolas Perfect Vision 20/20 VICTUS for “All-Laser LASIK”. With this robotic procedure, the risk of complications is minimized.
  • Be wary of sliding scale professional fees for your surgery. It takes the same amount of time to properly care for a patient with a light prescription as it does for one with a complex prescription. Know exactly what is included in your surgical fee and if there are any hidden fees or “add-on” charges.
Beauty lies in the eyes and your sight is our vision. The gift of sight is extremely precious and we understand the importance of providing solutions and options that are in your best interest. Contact us to book an appointment for the LASIK consultation to assess if LASIK is the right choice for you.