The Retina is a highly sensitive part of the eye where even the slightest aberration can lead to blindness. Our center specializes in providing a comprehensive vitreo retinal service to our patients

Diabetic Vision Care

Any patient who suffers from Diabetes, is at a high risk for a vast number of ocular complications. Our Diabetic vision care service, focuses on identifying, preventing and managing such problems. Diabetes is a condition that affects the way we convert food for energy and growth. In all types of diabetes, the body has trouble
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Uvea is the middle part of the three coats of the eye. This further consists of the iris, ciliary body and the choroid. Inflammation of any of these parts is termed uveitis.Based on the part of the uvea involved, uveitis may be Anterior (involving the iris), Intermediate (involving the ciliary body), Posterior (involving the choroid)
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INTRA-Vitreal Injections

This is a procedure where a drug is injected into the vitreous cavity , which is the jelly-like substance inside your eye. It is performed to place medicines inside the eye near the retina. . Common conditions treated with intravitreal injections include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal vascular diseases and ocular inflammation. The procedure is
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OPD Procedures (Lasers & Cryotherapy)

LASERS Indirect Ophthalmoscopic Laser Delivery System (LIO) This laser delivery system is mainly used for peripheral retinal lesions, e.g. horse shoe tear (HST), lattice degeneration, retinal holes, Pan retinal photocoagulation for vascular retinopathy in a hazy media. It is also a very good tool to perform lasers for diabetic retinopathy Focal, Grid, Modified Grid Laser
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Vitreoretinal Services

The department deals with the management of diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, ARMD, infections, trauma & various other retinal disorders.   An exclusive retinal examination may be different than a routine eye exam. It involves dilation of your pupils, examination by the specialist and diagnostic testing if required. It may take about three hours for the
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