Dr. Satyam

Dr. Satyam completed his Diplomate in National Board from Narayana Nethrayala Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute in 2008 under Ministry of Health, New Delhi and went on to finish Vitreo Retina fellowship under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences 2010 from the same institute. Dr. Satyam has varied interests in the following sub specialties: Vitro Retina, Uvea, AMRD, Diabetic related retinal complications, Retinal Vein Occlusions, Neuro Ophthalmology, and Glaucoma. He worked as a senior Vitreo Retina surgeon at Win Vision Eye Hospital, Hyderabad India since 2016 February. He held the post of Medical director and adviser Capacity building OIA India Eye Care Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Took part in hands on training and conduct seminars. He worked for Vasan Eye Care Hospitals Bangalore since 2010 till 2015 as a Vitreo Retina Consultant where he managed various retinal diseases and handled diabetic related retinal conditions and with a keen area of interest in ARMD, Retinal vein occlusions and Uveitis. In addition to that he has managed the hospital’s Neuro Ophthalmology. Publications
  • Won the Best Paper Award for publication titled “Role of Contrast Sensitivity in Wave-front Guided LASIK” in 2006 at Karnataka Ophthalmic Society conference in Hubli
  • Crvo After Oral Sildenafil Treated with Injection Bevacizumab
  • Usefulness of Anterior Segment Oct In The Demonstration Of Intra-Lenticular Foreign Body In Traumatic Cataract (Cjo-11-2009, Corr 0201)
  • Phthiriasis Palpebrarum Ocular Manifestation, 24th Annual State Conference November 2005
  • Behcet’s Disease (A Case Report), 24th Annual State Conference November 2005
  • Role of Contrast Sensitivity in Wave Front Guided Lasik, 24th Annual State Conference November 2006
  • Slit Lamp Photography Using Hand Held Digital Camera, 24th Annual State Conference November 2005
  • To Report a Case of Tb With Serpiginous Choroiditis, 24th Annual State Conference November 2005